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Bed Bug Detection


Bunker Farm K-9 Services of New Hampshire is not affiliated with any of the big named pest control companies. You will always receive an honest and accurate assessment of the inspection. If we determine Bed Bugs are present, it will be your decision on the next step to exterminate them.

Owner John has been working and training scent detection dogs for military and Law Enforcement both locally and internationally since 1991. He has developed a special relationship with dogs that is second to none. John has teamed up with JOSIE, a Springer Spaniel from England, who was born to search. Josie is a NESDCA certified, highly driven locating tool that is eager to work.        

Our effective approach stems from how we utilize our dog. She is not food-driven, but rather toy-driven. This makes her much more accurate and willing to work with enthusiasm and drive. She is trained to only alert on LIVE bed bugs and viable eggs.


Josie came to this country from England at a young age and was trained to find bed bugs because of her very high hunt drive. She offers quick and accurate inspections and is always eager to work. She is capable of finding the bed bug infestation down to the single bed bug in a matter of seconds. Josie has a friendly personality, but loves the game of hunting for bed bugs.


Bunker Farm K-9 Services takes bed bug detection very seriously. We are committed to providing the best possible service to our clients. Based in New Hampshire, our New England-area inspections will be done with little disruption, discreetly and with total satisfaction.


Can detect source of infestation within seconds | Able to pinpoint area of infestation and distinquish between live and dead bed bugs | Disrupt daily routine for only a matter of minutes | Saves you cost of repetitive extermination treatments | Respects the privacy of the client


Apartments | Businesses | Condos | Federal Housing | Hospitals | Hotels | Nursing Homes | Movie Theaters | Rental Properties | Residences | Schools | Vehicles

Before our arrival, please plan ahead and follow these helpful hints: Do not use pesticides at least a week before our search. Pull furniture away from walls. Remove pets and clutter from search areas. Shut all windows and turn off all fans and air conditioning.