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Teaching you to train and understand your dog benefits everyone involved that creates a lasting bond


There's no better feeling one can have when your well mannered dog is looking up at you in complete trust waiting to please you


Training can be done wherever you and your dog is most confortable for the best possible learning experience

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John is a retired Police Officer with 30 years experience. In 1991, John became a K-9 handler and has been handling, training and evaluating dogs ever since. John is a court recognized expert in police dog training and deployment. John has achieved trainer, evaluator and certifier status in several police dog organizations.

John was part of his department's implimenting a 3 horse Mounted Unit and was assigned to King Authur, a registered Percheron for 10yrs. John used what he learned in training dogs to assist with training the horses.

It was a natural transition many years ago when John helped a friend obedience train his puppy. John is a Prefessional Member of International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP), Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT), is endorsed by the National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors (NADOI) in:




and is a CGC evaluator with the American Kennel Club  



Our philosophy is simple! Build a strong, solid foundation by using common sense, repetition and reward. We emphasize clear communication to the dog in order for him to understand and respect you.

John specializes in one on one training and believes the initial training of the dog should be uninterrupted and without distractions. Training the dog should be done at a place that is familiar and most comfortable for an optimal learning experience.   



This training will be for dogs six months and older that have not had any prior obedience training. All training will be on lead and will consist of loose leash walking, sit, down, stay and recall.


To enter this class, the dog must have had a formal obedience class. This training will build on the skills you and your dog received (sit, down, recall & stay) and will introduce heeling, some off-lead exercises and distractions.


We address behavioral issues with the understanding they did not happen overnight and it will take time, consistency and patience to help solve each issue.


Prepares your dog to take the American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizen test. The sessions are geared for the American Kennel Club CGC test with the last class being the official Canine Good Citizen Title test.


If you are looking for a game that makes your dog use his nose, gets exercise and has fun, this is it. This class will teach you drive, track laying, handling, olfactory system and reward.


We believe it is critical your puppy receive formal, structured training that will possibly prevent behavioral issues in later life. The training will be for puppys up to six months old and will concentrate on recall, sit, down and stay commands, all on lead. Other topics addressed will be crate training, nipping, jumping, manners and pack issues. 

When possible, group classes may be conducted upon owner's approval and availability of other puppy's.


John has handled several patrol/narcotic dogs, single purpose narcotic dog and 2 Bloodhounds during his career. John is a certified Trainer, Judge and Evaluator with national and state K-9 organizations as well as civilian dog training organizations. 

John retired as the K-9 Academy Director for the New Hampshire Police K-9 Academy and held that position from 2004 till 2018. John has extensive  experience in decoy work and will work with you in the following areas:



Scent Work 



Problem Solving

Maintenance Training 

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